Top 5 YouTubers in The World Having The Most Number of Subscribers! Crazy Numbers!!

With the foundation of YouTube laid in the year 2005, it has grown by leaps and bounds in the lives of all across the world. The nerve of the population as per their likes and dislikes can be judged by the trend that is carried on YouTube as per the number of views on different videos being viewed by people across the world.

To secure the privacy of access to your YouTube account and control the views of your videos, you need to ensure DNS Security in your system. The YouTubers who have gained huge popularity since the trend of YouTube have taken its flow are as follows:

1. PewDiePie

This is the account of a Swedish gamer having 55 million subscribers who connect with his viewers with his humorous content while doing commentary when playing his game. He calls his fans as “Bro Army” He concludes every video by doing a “Bro Fist”. The huge increase in its viewers happened back in 2013 from a number of 3.5 million to 19 million.

2. HolaSoyGerman

An account of German Garmendia with around 31 million subscribers has come into existence in the year 2011. His videos have a humorous take on the day-to-day issues and are the highest viewed Spanish videos. The channel is the most subscribed Spanish channel on the platform.

3. Smosh

With about 22 million subscribers on YouTube, this channel is handled by the duo of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They first gained popularity with the Pokemon voice overs and the songs of Mortal Kombat. Their popularity increased by leaps and bounds with the help of the skits like “Food Battle” which they started developing after gaining a large audience.

4. Nigahiga

His real name is Ryan Higa. With around 19 million subscribers, he debuted on the video website in the year 2006 alongside Fujiyoshi, Nago, and Enos. His channel is a hub of variety videos as the channel has content over varied topics and aspects.

5. JennaMarbles

This is the account of Jenna Mourey who has the most viewed videos and the highest number of subscribers (17.5 million) for a female-centric account on the website. The humorous content of her videos basically involves a raunchy aspect over different feelings on our different days.

What Will Happen if All The Ice On The Earth Suddenly Melts?

As we all know the Earth’s surface is covered with almost 70% water which is salty and non salty. And in that portion of water only 3% water is non salty or fresh water. Moreover in that 3% of non salty water, we have only 30% water which we can use as 70% water is in the form of glaciers, ice sheets etc. Now we are not unaware of the gradual climatic changes that have been affecting our ecosystem. Among them, glaciers of Arctic ocean is under great change. The ice of this ocean is melting with almost double speed. That’s a huge matter of concern. Here we are talking hypothetically that what would happen if all the ice melted.

Let’s watch this video from AsapSCIENCE from where this article is inspired from:

Animals On The Poles

Animals like polar bears, seals, walruses, etc. need an extreme cold climate for their habitat. Melting of ice would severely affect their habitat and they might have to leave their homes forever.

Image grabbed from the embedded YouTube video

Undersea Animals

Melting of ice will provide opportunities to people who are in constant hunting of resources around the earth. In doing so they will do air explosions to initiate the process of seismic blasting which will keep all the sea animals away from the sea.

Image grabbed from the embedded YouTube video

Rising Of Sea’s Level

If the ice on land (though most of the ice is on land) melted, the level of sea would rise pretty higher up to 70 meters. And this is gonna ring the alarm bells for half the citizens of the world who live near coasts. They would have to leave their coastal cities and trillions of economy would be lost in flood as well. If you’ve recently been parents, you should not miss baby show for the better parenting of your child.

Image grabbed from the embedded YouTube video

Further Rise In Temperature

Ice generally reflects back the sun’s rays into space keeping the earth cool. But as soon as it melts, the ocean water would absorb the sun’s scorching rays and would definitely rise the temperature of earth. This is another severe drawback.

Image grabbed from the embedded YouTube video

Disruptions In Ocean Currents

As we know there are the variations in ocean currents which is responsible for the stability of ecosystem. However, with the changes in ice the currents could also bring changes in themselves. This would affect harshly to the climate of some countries, creatures under sea, crops we grow and even the composition of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Image grabbed from the embedded YouTube video

Ever Seen A Glass Skateboard?? It’s For Real!

Some materials like glass are one of those which are so delicate and also heavy that it is really a pain to keep them maintained. We, anyways have a tendency to take care of those items which are very prone to break. Materials like Glass are dealt with so care in each and every aspect of our lives.

So, just a thought of a glass skateboard makes us feel it be unrealistic and very dangerous as well. Not to mention, but it will be pretty heavy too! All this is because when we fear to break items, our legs are the most instrumental body part to it. And, to use a skateboard which has to deal the pressure of entire body is just out of the world.

But, one such out of the world thing has been made possible by the Avenue Trucks which have built these glass skateboards. Before starting to move around over it, the glass has to be handled very well while unpacking from the packaged box. Following this, one has to fix the wheels on the glass skateboard.

The glass is to be tried with care over various surfaces. The thick width of the glass prevents the glass from breaking and handling the pressure of body weight. It might just prevent you from a visit to dental implants TorontoIt has been tried and tested by a group of enthusiastic guys.

It is altogether a different and extremely dangerous aspect to try this glass skateboard to carry out some stunts. This stunt was tried by some adventure enthusiasts. But, the glass broke off due to excess pressure on the edges.

However, it is a fun adventure. But, it is a really dangerous one. So, one needs to carry a broom and mop whenever one goes to try all this to clear the area so that no one else gets any cuts. Moreover, you are strictly advised not to try this at any point of time as it can be very deadly if the glass pierces down into your skin.

Watch Video Here:

Note: Images used in this article are taken from the video embedded above

Best Massage Therapies To Soothe Your Soul

The times when we crave for inner peace and soothing our soul are the times when we take a get away, go for spa, or better get a massage done to bring relaxation in a rough day. Massage therapies are becoming a thing to calm your mind and soul. They can be done at different massage centers specialized in different massage that you can find in massage therapy Oakville.

Looking from a world perspective, the best massage therapies across the world and available at massage therapy Oakville are:

1. Aromatherapy Massage

By Tara Angkor Hotel (Flickr: Aroma Massage) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
It is a Swedish massage which uses plant oils extracted from specific plants mixed with the normal massage oils. These plant oils, also termed as essential oils tend to have healing properties to soothe different ailments like insomnia, headache, etc. The person can also be relieved from different body pains as per the healing attributes of different plant oils.

2. Hot Stone Massage

By Daniela (Flickr: Massage at Witches Falls Cottages) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Basalt rock is utilized for giving this massage therapy as they have the property to absorb heat. True to its name, the basalt rock is heated and put on specific points on the body to release tighter muscles and relieve the pain.

3. Shiatsu Massage

Flickr/ Stewart Black

This is a Japanese form of massage wherein the masseuse utilizes his/her specific fingers to apply pressure through the rhythmic action of fingers. Pressure is applied through the fingers by holding them for about two to eight seconds at a specific position. Loose clothing is done by the person as no oil is utilized in providing this massage.

4. Thai Massage

By Tara Angkor Hotel (Flickr: Classical Thai Massage) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
This includes yoga forms giving a lot of energy to the person getting this massage. This is because the masseuse stretches different body parts of the person and holds the person in different positions while the person is lying on the mat floor.

5. Reflexology Massage

In this, reflex points are the target used by the masseuse. Since the reflex points are the source of energy for other body parts, so, the masseuse uses these reflex points to stimulate energy in the body of the person. It affects endocrine as well as the nervous system of the person getting the massage.

6 Signs That Tell You It’s Time To Call Your Roofer

It’s natural to think that our roofing is fine as long as we don’t see anything falling from our roof. After all, we all live in tight budgets here and we’d all try not to think about the fact that our roof might need replacement in a few years.

However, it is always best if you notice your roof problems earlier and get it fixed. Otherwise, it is just going to cost you more and ultimately, the aim here is to be wise and reduce the amount of money we spend.

So, here are 6 signs that can serve as a warning to tell you that it’s time to bring your roofer into the picture.

1. Your Roof Is More Than 20 Years Old

The average lifespan of a roof is about 20-25 years. If you haven’t changed your roofing in over 20 years, then you might definitely have to replace it in a few years time. Remembering the age of your roof can help you plan and schedule your roof replacement accordingly.

2. There Are Cracks On Your Roof

A few shingles are missing and there are cracks here and there on your roof. Though you can try to fix this on your own without bringing in a roofer, it is always advisable to seek professional help when dealing with missing shingles. Since they know better, can identify the root cause and fix it.

3. Sagging roofs

Sagging roofs are a sign that you need to call your roofer immediately. It means that the roof is weakened, causing structural damage and needs to be replaced as early as possible. Putting this off for later can be a very bad decision on your part.

4. Clogged Gutters

A roofer can also help you fix your gutter. Your gutter plays the role of directing the water away from your house. Clogged gutters or leaking gutters cannot perform this task effectively and might lead to damage of your house and so, they have to be fixed.

5. Wet Spots And Moisture

If you begin to see wet spots or moisture on your ceiling or wet floors on your attic, it might mean that your roof is leaking. A roofer can identify the leaks and fix them immediately, thus saving your roof from further damage.

6. Excessive Moss and Algae On the Roof

Moss and algae can damage your roof significantly. They can cause damage to the shingles and ultimately, lead to the replacement of your roof. If there is only a small amount of moss or algae, it can be treated on your own using chemicals like zinc sulfate or potassium, an excessive amount needs the help of a roofer.

There are many other tips that can help you identify if your roof needs fixing. It is ultimately our role to notice and periodically pay attention to our roof to identify if it needs to be worked upon. Roofers Toronto are always available to help you understand what’s wrong with your roof and provide lasting solutions and fixes, according to your requirements.

How To Manage IP Addresses Easily and Effectively With The Help of IPAM Software?

IP addresses are the basic roots of the internet services we enjoy today. They have been growing at a significant rate since the initiation of the internet. As more and more of these are being used all the time for applications, databases, micro-services, and more, managing all of the necessary IP addresses becomes cardinally important.

What is an IPAM Software?

IP Address Management (IPAM) is nothing but a way of effectively tracking and managing the IP addresses on the network. Typically, IPAM integrates DHCP and DNS, which in turns allows for changes in one network to be seen by the other. This allows updating to occur automatically when a change is detected in one system or the other.

How is it implemented?

In case your company does not have an IPAM strategy in place, it is cardinally important to implement one in place as soon as possible. Today, there is a huge number of new devices and services which are in need of IP addresses today, keeping track of all on your network without an organised plan could be quite hectic. Depending on how large your company is, you might be able to implement something simple in-house, or may need to make an investment in a solution which will provide you with the features and customization you need for your company.

IP Address Management software has become more complex over the last few years, however, that is basically because solutions are more comprehensive. It includes hardware, a centralized server, and several different chunks of software. The goal of IPAM is quintessential to provide businesses with a complete solution to detect every IP address and Ethernet connection within the network. Once detected, the information is then transferred to a database and stored at the centralized location. Along with detecting addresses, the management of this information is also a central tenant.

The cardinal reason that businesses need some form of IP Address Management Software is basically security. More the information stored on a network or online, the more security is needed. In general, a business is much more vulnerable to an internal attack than external. Some studies estimate that up to 70% of business will suffer at least one internal security incident in a year. With an effective IPAM solution, the networking can become even more secure and more accurately monitored. This has shown to be even more important in sectors that rely on wireless internet access.

Types of IPAM Deployment:

Traditionally IPAM infrastructures are deployed in three cardinal ways:

i) Distributed Deployment: In this kind of deployment, an IPAM server is located on every physical site of the company.

ii) Centralized Deployment: Only one IPAM server and database is used for all locations of the company.

iii) Hybrid Deployment: This type of deployment basically uses both the Distributed deployment method as well as the Centralized Deployment method.

Therefore, it is safe to say that it is cardinal for every business to implement IP address management software. This will lead to network safety and help prevent unwanted intrusions. It will also help maintaining the integrity of the data and the network.

CRM Software: Do They Actually Deliver What They Claim?

Since its inception Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has modified the process of storing and managing customer information for the companies. Companies now have every record of each and every customer and their transactions, stored into perpetuity.

What is CRM?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is software that helps companies analyze and track customer data in order to improve the organization’s relationship with present and future customers.

3 things that a CRM should do:

  1. Gathering Customer Data
  2. Aggregating Data from multiple locations
  3. Delivering Usable Data

A good CRM solution will typically provide:

  1. Methods to identify and target their best customers.
  2. Create efficient marketing campaigns.
  3. Methods to share useful customer information across your organization.
  4. Tools to improve customer satisfaction.
  5. Policies to segment and analyze each customer and serve them in the most appropriate way.

Real Estate CRM:

Client satisfaction is the first priority for every real estate worker. The Best CRM for real estate has the ability to deal with tons of information in an organized manner. It also helps to personalize and customize one’s services. CRMs can also be used to keep in touch with past clients.

How CRM helps

Dollar Shave Club believes in using technology to understand and analyze its customers better. They use their in-house CRM, integrated with a customer support platform. The company now has over 1.5 million satisfied customers, who not only enjoy their products, but also share a successful relationship with the said company.

Etsy gave its customers a platform to explore and buy unique items. According to the Senior Vice President of the company, Mike Grishaver, the team has its main focus on the functionality that can recommend products and items based on certain factors that go beyond what customers have searched for. This idea led to the development of a platform that surprises shoppers with a variety of unique items and gains their attention.

The marketing team of StumbleUpon realized that customer engagement required better aggregation across its data and products. The engineering team worked more closely to methodically testing how different features and static functionality affected customer engagement over time. Meanwhile the marketing team focused on issues regarding publicity and customer satisfaction.

Usability of CRM

The primary goals of a CRM software has been security, reliability and stability. Usability was not the primary focal point for the CRM, which often resulted in a variety of difficulties. With the increase in use of CRM software, vendors have made it mandatory to make usability a part of the software leading to further benefits in usage.

Statistics show that SAP and Oracle jointly hold more than 50 % of the total CRM software market. In the study of different CRM software implementations, it was found that companies had the capability to experience a minimum increase of 10 percent in gross sales during the first three years of the CRM implementation. Thus it can be easily concluded that CRM delivers exactly what it promises.

StemCell Dental Implants: Everything You Need To Know

Losing your teeth is a fond part of your childhood. You get to sport a cool new gap. The tooth fairy leaves you money and people are generally praising you for being brave. The same event, though, is a bit more mortifying in adult life. Having non-functioning teeth, or gaps in where they should is a case for embarrassment as well as a challenge when eating. Dentures are often uncomfortable and take a lot of getting used to. However, a new discovery of stem cells in human teeth has the potential to make all your worries go away.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells may be defined as a class of undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cell types that can divide into to create more stem cells. Stem cells are self-renewing in nature. This means that they can go through numerous cycles of cell division while maintaining their undifferentiated state. This property allows us to treat various diseases and conditions via stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy is an area of active research in the medical field. Bone marrow transplant is a stem cell therapy technique that has been employed by medical experts without controversy for years. Use of stem cells in production of dental implants, on the other hand, is a relatively newer application that is gaining wide success. Dental Implants Toronto has assisted many denture wearers bid goodbye to painful removable dentures by offering this new technology.

Why the focus on Dental Implants?

While it has been observed that stem cells are located in all tissues, collecting them is arduous, and sometimes, an impossible task, especially without harming the patient. However, with the discovery of stem cells in human teeth, the cells have become far more accessible. Additionally, research suggests that stem cells sourced from a tooth are some of the strongest stem cells in the body.

How does this work?

The regenerative property of dental pulp is the basis for utilization of dental stem cells. The cells are extracted and transferred into a vial containing hypotonic phosphate buffered saline solution. A series of controlled reactions are used to isolate the cells. They are then preserved by either cryopreservation or magnetic freezing.

While all teeth have stem cells, usually incisors or canines with at least a third of their roots intact are selected for preservation. Age does not pose any hindrance, but the younger the teeth, the younger the cells and the better the regenerative process should work. The optimum number of teeth for banking is usually recommended by the operative during your appointment.

Some Applications

Dental Implants have a wide range of applications in dentistry and medicine.

  • Regeneration of damaged dentin, pulp, resorbed root, treatment of structural defects are some of the uses already in effect. Reconstruction of whole tooth in order to replace the traditional dental implants is also in the works
  • Adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have recently been identified in gingival connective tissues. These have the potential to regenerate bones and treat mandibular defects. MSCs provide the right environment to correctively treat osseous defects. Thus it is of vital use.
  • The surgical GBR therapeutic method involves using a barrier membrane facing the alveolar ridge defect. Using stem cells from dental pulp, the affected area can be regenerated and the alveolar ridge defect can be alleviated. This provides tremendous benefit to the area.

While applications in the field of stem cells still remain largely controversial, dental implants, it seems, has broken the mould. With its non-invasive method of cell collection the possibilities of research and use in this field are limitless. Its use in therapy is already being proven and researchers estimate that soon, teeth made from your own cells will as common as getting dentures is now.

Indoor Navigation For The Visually Challenged: Life Made Easy

Technology has done much to improve the life of people with special needs. We have created battery operated chairs to aid in movement, watches coded in braille, touch free smart phones and even text to voice that can be used with just the movements of your eye. A lot of people owe being able to lead independent dignified lives to advent of modern innovations.

The one area that we have been sorely lacking in, however, is the mobility of people with visual impairments. Researchers have largely left this area untouched, choosing to rely on walking sticks and seeing-eye dogs that worked even 50 years ago. But these methods are far from being infallible, especially in confined spaces where there a lot more obstacles in the path. Indoor navigation system intends to change this.

What is Indoor Navigation System?
Indoor navigation system is the indoor equivalent of the Global Positioning System we currently use. While GPS can be used to map roads, streets and buildings, it is notorious for failing to outline any closed space. Indoor navigation seeks to overcome this fault by using a variety of technology like Radio wave Frequency, Bluetooth, Ultrasounds beacons etc. to chalk out the features of homes, offices, malls and buildings.

What is the market scenario?
The race to create the most efficient Indoor navigation software is fueling a number of companies and a lot of patents have been filed in order to safeguard technologies. Apple’s iBeacon’s uses Bluetooth signaling and crowd sourced data to effectively locate a person’s position. Launched in 2013, the app was tested out in San Francisco Airport where pre-installed beacons provided data to users’ phones in order to guide them through the airport. The data is transmitted via Bluetooth iPhones which is then conveyed to the user using Apple’s Voice over technology.

The beacons themselves were provided by indoor positioning company which has made huge strides in developing positioning software for the visually impaired.

Not one to be left behind, Google too has developed technology that can rival Apple’s positioning systems. A controlled experiment conducted in a portion of Barcelona’s national art museum awed spectators when the software titled as Project Tango managed to completely map the location and send the data to users’ phones. Sensors and cameras chalked out the 3D spaces in the room while augmented reality helped contour features. Thus, the app didn’t stop at bare walls, users could even figure out when someone else was in front of them. When added to a speech software, we can easily understand how efficient it will be in helping visually impaired people navigate any confined area.

Other organizations like Broadcomm and Qualcomm have also dipped their hands in this market. Qualcomm’s Lumicast technology uses the speed and efficiency of LEDs to accurately transmit data and sketch out the coordinates of an interior space. Broadcomm, on the other hand, uses a variety of sensors to give pinpoint accuracy that can even determine what floor you are on.

Charting out an unfamiliar territory can be a hassle even for sighted people. We frequently get lost in malls, airports and hospitals. It must be even more nerve-wracking for people without such amenities. Thus, the need for indoor positioning is evident. It is a market with a huge demand and companies are quickly recognizing that. It will only be a matter of time till we get a plethora of software flooding the app stores and we will be spoiled for choice.

Top 5 Ways To Take Care of Frustrated Customers – CRM Tips

A byproduct of increased globalization and interconnectedness is the unprecedented surge in client base and demand. Peer to peer interaction is impossible in this technological era and as such, businesses must come up with new and innovative ways to satisfy their customers while still efficiently managing various aspects of their business in order to maximize efficiency and profits. This is particularly true for client-driven organizations. Real Estate CRM Software improves your customer-relationships and automates much of the tasks to help satisfy existing and potential buyers. Here are a number of ways it works.

1. Record and Keep Track of Personal Information

One of the primary things any CRM software excels at is collecting, storing and, in general, keeping track of personal information shared by clients. Only monitoring sales history, and purchase lists, while vital, would not be as hard-hitting to a customer’s sentiment as, say, an automated message on their birthday. However, it is not possible for employees to keep track of every customer in order to memorize their specific needs. CRM forgoes this difficulty by performing this task automatically, thereby ensuring loyalty and increased sales revenue.

2. Analyze Top Customer Base

As stated, ensuring loyalty in customers is vital to any business’ survival. We all have that one brand we love or that one firm we compare everyone else to. The Pareto principle shows that about 80% of a company’s profits stem from a mere 20% of their customer base. Thus, it is imperative that one analyzes the needs, preferences and nuances of each customer to better serve them in order to continuously add to the top-line. CRM uses predictive algorithms and machine learning to better understand an individual and provide suggestions that will be more likely to complete a sales transaction.

3. Send Out Regular Updates

A huge part of customer retention is communication. Sending out newsletters, sales reminders, general updates is a must for every business. CRM software can automate menial activity to perform these tasks far more efficiently. It can even be customized for high end patrons to add personalized messages or rare offers to add a personal touch. This not only strengthens the bond between a company and its client, but also makes them prefer your company over some other in future arenas.

4. Quicker Complaint Response

Another avenue where companies may build stronger bonds with clients is in their service based interaction. Faster response to complaints and queries is always appreciated. CRM software can handle most forms of communication seamlessly without much hassle. It can use its learning algorithms to forward urgent messages requiring human intervention to an employee’s mail, while providing assistance on the rest. Customers get their complaints answered in a timely manner which further proves to them that their choice of business was the correct one.

5. Analyze Buying Patterns

Finally, we can use all of the previously mentioned attributes to build a comprehensive and exhaustive model of customers’ buying patterns in order to generate relevant data on what a customer may prefer to opt for in future. This allows the business to customize a customer’s profile and only offer suggestions that might result in a successful transaction. Reports show that suggesting items a customer may like leads to sales more often, even if the customer was initially reluctant to make a purchase.

Customer satisfaction is the key to driving up business for any company. Reports suggest that a mere 5% increase in retention of customers can increase a company’s sales by a whopping 75%. Retention is cheaper, more likely to increase profits and now, with CRM software, much easier to implement.